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Thinking is Investing

Thinking about what you are doing is important. What are all the moving parts around you and what are all the questions that go along with these moving parts? Are the parts working the way they should? Are you interacting

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Remind Me Until its Habit

It takes a lot of time to do a craft. If you want to take that craft to another level, you need to dedicate the time. When you are starting out, there could be an extended period where you mind

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Remember the Awesome

Regardless of what you do, and how difficult it seems to be, there is a lot of awesome involved when you work your passions. Work is rewarding and I call it work on purpose because there is a change from

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Compartmentalizing Fear

There are a lot of things that scare me as I do what I want to do. When I was younger I would have told myself that it was ok to quit. Now I don’t have any issues with quitting,

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Speed Plays coming from TGIK Games

Once we are done with the Mars 4 :45 kickstarter we are going to start filming speed plays of board games. This will be a Youtube based series to start and we’ll maybe move to Twitch after we get into a

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Get a feel for Mars 4:45 online!

Aidan has been working on a digital version of Mars 4:45 and we are ready to release the first version of the digital game. Click Here to Play! ( There are two difficulty levels. If you beat the game you

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Mars 4:45 Giveaway

​For those of you interested,  there is a give away currently running for a copy of Mars 4:45. Follow the link below for details!

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