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How to Build a Game #1 Think Big, Start Small 2.0

If this looks familiar, that’s because it is a post I released 3 years ago! Wow, time flies. My new plan is to go through the old blog and see what I said back then, and apply what I have

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I Don’t Know How to Do That

Just because you don’t know how to do something, doesn’t mean that you are not qualified to do it try it. I’m not saying the results of your trying are going to be good but don’t let your lack of

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Keep Going

Doing your passion is really difficult. There are a lot of “things” that want to get in the way of your goals. The trouble is, those “things” will win almost all the time when it comes to you doing what

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Designer’s Corner #3

Once a week, I get together with other designers and publishers to talk about all kinds of game related things.

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An Open Letter to My Fellow Gamers

I want my fellow gamers to feel free to make fun of me, trash talk with me and feel free to have more interesting conversations than the weather and what we all do for a living. I know that we

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Is There a Designer in Every Gamer?

In episode 13 of the Whose Turn is it Podcast, the hosts were asking the question “is there was a designer in every gamer?” The hosts were of the mind that there is a designer in every gamer, but the

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The Potential Bubble of Board Games? – Long Form Version

Chaz Marler of Pair of Dice Paradise recently ran an interesting series on Board Game Breakfast (episodes 47-50) about the similarities in the comic book industry and the the board game industry and wheather or not the board game industry was

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