So You Want to be a Playtester? #1 Testing is Different to Playing

So you want to play test games. Maybe you plan to attend an Unpub or a Protospeil. Maybe there is a local group of designers testing some games at your local game store.

What you need to know before you playtest a game in development is that the experience will be very different than what you experience when playing a published or finished game.

In my experience, there are certain skills that make one gamer a better playtester than another. What this series intends to do is talk about the kinds of skills good playtesters have and what designers really want to see from the people who play their games.

That might come off as designers only want the kind of playtesters that will give them specific feedback, but that is not the case. A willingness to go with the flow of changes, play a game many times, listen and give honest feedback are all things designers look for when they are developing their playtesters.

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One comment on “So You Want to be a Playtester? #1 Testing is Different to Playing
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