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How to Build a Game #7 Want to Kickstart Your Game, Marketing Starts Now!

And by now, I mean from the day you first think of the idea for your game. Designing and building a game takes a very long time. The good news is that means you have a lot of time to

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Competitive Imbalance: The invisible board game group killer

Originally posted on Formal Ferret Games:
Board game groups are fragile things. There are lots of things that can cause a game group to fall apart: problems with the venue, people moving away, personality conflicts, romantic breakups, and so on.…

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How to Build a Game #6 Watch Reviews and Walk Throughs

I know you want to think otherwise, but there are more games out there then most of us have time to play. I know, bummer huh? Between a day job, commuting to said job, life and the other things that

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What has TGIK Games been up to? #4

Update of Current Games No Preamble, just the update Charge! We played two more tests of Charge! and I think we have the game done, thats right done. Now that the game is basically done, we will turn our focus

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How to Build a Game #5 Play Other Games

This may seem a bit obvious but there is a different mindset you need to take into playing other games. When a designer plays other games, they need to be thinking about what works, what doesn’t work and pay attention

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How to Build a Game #4 Practice Practice Practice

ALWAYS be making games! Make bad ones, make worse ones, make better ones, make good ones, make great ones. Just keep making games. Sometimes making a game only takes an hour. That doesn’t mean you will finish the game, but

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How to Build a Game #3 Cost of Production!!!!!

I don’t normally use exclamation points in the title but this is really important. Always think about the cost of production for the game you are creating. Save yourself the agony of spending hours and hours over the course of

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