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Game Convention Tip of the Day: Always Carry Cash

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So you’re going to your first gaming convention and you plan on buying tons of games! But you don’t know what to do, carry your cash around in your pocket or just bring the…

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Micro Games….A New Prespective

What are these “Micro Games” all about and my expectations? In the board gaming world micro games are one of the hot things people are talking about. What isn’t to like about them? They are portable, inexpensive, probably easy to

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Interview with TGIK Games

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What has TGIK Games been up to?

Update of Current Games Would like to post a little update of what we have been working on and what we have ahead for this week. The plan is to make this a regular feature on the TGIK blog… promises.

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Play Test of Dice Inc.

Last weekend we were able to play test Dice Inc. The big difference with this test was the fact that we had four players are the table for the firs time. All other tests have had only three people and

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Indie Game Alliance: What a Wonderful Group

What is the Indie Game Alliance? Indie Game Alliance (IGA) is a collective group of indie designers and publishers who have banded together to help one another get their games in front of the people who want to play them.

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