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Dice Inc.

What is Dice Inc.? Dice Inc is an economic dice battle game with dice auctions, stock markets and dice battles. Players are the CEO of their own company and their goal is to be the first player with $1500. Every

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Charge! A Fast Paced Army Building Card Game

We would like to introduce Charge! a fast paced army building card game. What is It? Each player is a General working to build an army and sabotage their enemies army while trying to avoid sabotage themselves. Charge! can be

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The TGIK Games Design Process

If you have ever wondered how a game goes from an electric signal in the brain to a playable game, this post is for you. We will share the general method we use to create and build our games. I

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TGIK Games: Who We Are and How We Got Here

TGIK Games was born from a trip down the game aisle. My name is Chris Renshall and I am one half of TGIK games. I spotted a game in the game aisle(a large corporation of red concentric circles) and expressed

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